I am not Japanese nor a student majoring in Japanese language (for your information, I studied Natural Science).  I understand Japanese because I lived in Japan for 10 years. After I left Japan, I keep watching J-drama everyday to maintain my Japanese skill. And I started fansubbing because I want to challenge myself. Even though I understand both Japanese and English, translating Japanese into English is not easy for me. The grammars are completely different and there are words that are hard to translate. Since I am not English native speaker and I do all the works (translating, timing, editing) by myself (and I also have to do “real job” to make a living), I can’t make subs as fast as other subbers do. So please bear with me.


3 Responses to About

  1. serizaem says:

    hey! usagi9to9issho
    i lke you sub (Damas series “Clover”)
    and i read you say about the rule “Please NOTIFY me if you want to use these subtitles for translation into other languages.”
    i want to translation you sub to thai language and i give a link to you blog.
    i just need you permission. please answer me.

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