Kiyoko Ranman (J-Drama, Fall 2013)

Title: Kiyoko Ranman (潔子爛漫~きよこらんまん~)

Date: from September 2, 2013

Broadcast time: Monday – Friday, 13:30 – 14:00 JST

Broadcast network: Tokai TV, Fuji TV

Production: Izumi Broadcasting Corporation, Tokai TV

Genre: jidai geki/period drama, romance

Script: Komori Natsu

Director: Itou Toshihiro, Shimazaki Toshiki, Kaneko Yoshiichi

Producer: Matsumoto Keisuke, Koike Tadakazu, Kouno Hiroaki

Cast: Fukuda Saki, Ishigaki Yuuma, Gouda Masashi, Takachi Noboru, Watanabe Hiroyuki, Akaza Miyoko, Matsubara Chieko, Ootori Rei, Godai Takayuki.


Fall 1877 (Meiji period), the first child of Kudou family, a family of the samurai class, was born. The mother, Fumino (Ootori Rei), was disappointed because the baby was a girl. The father, Tadachika (Watanabe Hiroyuki), named the baby “Kiyoko”, wishing her to grow into a pure-hearted girl.

Souta, a 6 year old son of a physician named Arima Yoshikazu (Godai Takayuki), treated Kiyoko like his own sister. “I will protect Kiyoko-chan forever!” His words made people in Kudou family smile.

1895, Kiyoko (Fukuda Saki) is now 18 years old, and Souta (Ishigaki Yuuma) has become a physician. One day, Kiyoko’s father is arrested for embezzlement that he never did. Her father is unjustly imprisoned and now she is labeled as the daughter of a corrupt teacher. She wants to save her father but there is nothing she can do. Souta then begs a wealthy merchant named Shibusawa Yahiko (Gouda Masashi) to save Kiyoko’s father with his money. Yahiko says, “If you want me to save him, you should kneel down before money”. But when Souta kneels down, Kiyoko comes and says to Yahiko, “I don’t want to snatch away Souta-san’s pride to save my father.” But no one knows that this encounter will change Kiyoko’s fate…

Music: Ichikawa Jun (Miracle Bus)

Opening theme song: “Ruby Eyes” by Tommy heavenly6

Ending theme song: “Toge” by Taoruzu

Official website:

NOTE: Don’t ask me where you can download/watch this drama with English subtitles because I don’t know. And I will not subs this drama (I can’t sub jidai geki, plus this drama has 40+ episodes!). If you want to watch it without subs, you can find it on Dailymotion.


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