Matsumoto Jun to Star in NHK Drama Special

It was announced that Matsumoto Jun (Arashi) will play a leading role in an NHK drama special titled “Hajimari no Uta”. It has been 15 years since he starred in an NHK drama titled “Hitsuyou no Nai Hito”, and it will be his first leading role in a drama produced by the station.

This drama is based on a song titled “Furusato” (literally means “hometown”) which was sung by Arashi and other artists at NHK’s Kouhaku Uta Gassen in three consecutive years (2010-2012). The song, which is about how precious a hometown is, has touched the heart of many people.

Now Matsumoto Jun is working hard at the piano, since there will be scenes where he is playing the piano in the drama.

They already started filming in the countryside. It is scheduled to get wrapped up in the beginning of August.

(Source: Sanspo)

Drama title: Hajimari no Uta (はじまりの歌)

Broadcast time: September 23, 2013 (Monday); 19:30 – 20:43 JST

Broadcast network: NHK

Cast: Matsumoto Jun, Eikura Nana, Toda Naho, Kunimura Jun, Onoue Hiroyuki, Ishida Takuya, Tokunaga Eri, Yuki Saori.

Genre: slice of life

Song writer and planning: Koyama Kundou

Script writer: Arai Shuuko

Producer: Tsuchiya Katsuhiro, Iwatani Kanako

Director: Kasaura Tomochika

Music: Shiraishi Megumi

Wataru (Matsumoto Jun), a freelance photographer who works in Tokyo, returns to his hometown to take pictures for a travel magazine. He then meets his family, old friends, ex-girlfriend (Eikura Nana) who now works as an elementary school teacher, and some elementary school students who intend to participate in a choir competition. After meeting them, Wataru who wanted to become a teacher when he was younger, tries to revive his dream.

Official website:

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