Amami Yuuki Will Make a Guest Appearance on Galileo 2


Amami Yuuki will make her first drama appearance after being hospitalized for a mild myocardial infarction (heart attack) in the last story of Galileo 2. The story is adapted from Higashino Keigo’s novel “Seijo no Kyuusai (Salvation of a Saint)” and will be aired on June 17 and 24 (That’s right, 2 episodes!).

Amami Yuuki will play Mashiba Ayane, a beautiful lady who runs a preparation school for children. Ayane and Yukawa were classmates in junior high school and he was also her first crush. One day, Ayane’s husband is murdered. Yukawa who is asked to cooperate in the investigation and Ayane who is suspected of poisoning her husband meet again after 27 years.

The producer of the drama said that no one but Amami will fit the role of Ayane which is described as a tough and beautiful woman. He asked her to play the role as soon as Fuji TV decided to broadcast Galileo 2.

Amami who is a big fan of Galileo commented, “I am so happy they invited me to the world of Galileo, but I also feel very nervous. I will cherish the happiness of being able to play with great cast members, including Fukuyama-san, and do my best.”

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