Shibasaki Kou Will Star in a Spin-off Drama of Galileo

Shibasaki Kou who played a rookie detective Utsumi Kaoru in Galileo Season 1 and Yougisha X no Kenshin, will star in a spin-off drama of Galileo titled “Galileo XX (read: Double X) – Utsumi no Saigo no Jiken – Moteasobu” (literally means Utsumi’s Last Case – Playing). This SP drama will be aired on Fuji TV on June 22, at 21:00 JST.

The story, which is said to be original, is about Utsumi’s last case before she leaves for Oklahoma (U.S.). Utsumi is at the crossroads of life when her boss asks her to go to Oklahoma for training. At such time, she arrests a murder suspect, Jounen Ken-ichi (Yuusuke Santamaria), and makes him confess to his crime. But after being transferred to Nagano Prefectural Police, Jounen makes a completely different statement and insists that he is innocent. Being suspected of arresting the wrong person, Utsumi starts a re-investigation with her colleague, Touma Kento (Yagira Yuuya). Meanwhile, a journalist named Koumoto informs the police about the spread of anonymous letters. The letters say that a police officer has driven an innocent journalist to commit suicide. On top of that, the journalist who committed suicide is the father of the murder victim.

Apparently, Fuji TV decided to make this spin-off drama because the station received many requests asking for Shibasaki Kou to reappear in Galileo. But due to some reasons, Fuji TV couldn’t change the story in Galileo 2 to make her back.

Besides Shibasaki Kou who will play the leading role, the main cast members of Galileo i.e. Fukuyama Masaharu, Yoshitaka Yuriko, Kitamura Kazuki, Shinagawa Hiroshi will all appear in this drama.

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5 Responses to Shibasaki Kou Will Star in a Spin-off Drama of Galileo

  1. supy says:

    helo, where can i find with eng subtitle?

  2. usachan99 says:

    You’re welcome ^_^. Btw, Vulcan300 has released their subs:

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